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Advances in science and technology in the field of neutron science have been dominated by a fruitful combination of major international facilities supported by networks of smaller regional facilities. Recent advances in accelerator technology and neutronic design have made it possible to construct small-scale accelerator-driven neutron facilities that would be able to play a significant role in neutron technology and science. The neutron applications using compact accelerator driven neutron sources are now becoming more and more important since it can cover various fields such as material science, engineering, nuclear physics, cancer therapy, soft error and so on, therefore, they would play more significant role in the future. To promote such activities, the Union for Compact Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources (UCANS) was established in 2010 and organizes each year an internationnal conference.


  • CANS Projects and Innovative instrumentation
  • Accelerators and beam optics
  • Target radiation damage and heat removal
  • Moderator neutronics
  • Optical devices
  • Neutron detection
  • Material characterization
  • Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Data
  • Medical applications
  • Other applications of CANS
  • Computer simulations and data-analysis software
  • Education

Previous conferences

The Union for Compact Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources was formed in 2010 to support the ongoing development of small accelerator based neutron sources around the world. Since then, fruitful meetings were held in Beijing (China) 2011, Bloomington (U.S.A) 2012, Bilbao (Spain) 2013, Sapporo (Japan) 2014, Legnaro (Italy) 2015, Xi´an (China) 2016 and Bariloche (Argentina) 2017.

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