UCANS8 presentations

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UCANS8 Présentations


Monday 8 July 2019

09:00   Plenary session 1
09:15   The development of Compact Neutron Sources
    John Carpenter
09:50   A Personal Reflection on Target Moderator Reflector Design Considerations for CANS Facilities
    David Baxter
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Particle accelerators: a powerful tool for interdisciplinary research
    Anne-Isabelle Etienvre
11:30   Low-dimensional moderators for high-power and compact sources
    Luca Zanini
12:00   Progress of Neutron Sources and Opportunities for CANSs in China
    Xuewu WANG 
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Replacement of the primary electron beam accelerator at Hokkaido University neutron source facility   Neutron Diffraction Bulk Texture Measurement using Compact Neutron Source   Development of a regenerated Beryllium target and a thermal test facility for Compact Accelerator-based Neutron Sources
    Takashi Kamiyama   Pingguang Xu    J.F. Muraz
14:25   Fast and Moderated DD and DT Neutron Sources and Applications   Construction of SANS instrument  ib-SAS at RANS.   Target Concept for the High Brilliance Neutron Source
    Jay Cremer   S. Koizumi   Paul-Emmanuel Doege 
14:50   An e-linac based photoneutron source designed for various neutron applications   Molecular Spectroscopy at ISIS; Synergies & Opportunities with Medium & Compact Neutron Sources   Internally-cooled target design to achieve high power density in a CANS target
    Yigang Yang    Felix Fernandez-Alonso     Johannes Baggemann
15:15   IPHI, a high intensity proton accelerator for neutron production   Study of a collimation method as a nondestructive diagnostic technique by NPGA for salt distribution in concrete structures at RANS    A solid Beryllium target for SONATE
    Nicolas Chauvin   Yasuo Wakabayashi   Burkhard  Annighofer 
16:10   Development of the radio frequency quadrupole proton linac for ESS-Bilbao    Combining fast neutron radiography with positron emission particle tracking in a tumbling mill system   Recent developments of Hot Isostatic Pressing diffusion bonding technologies to enhance cooling efficiency and reliability of proton beam targets and dumps at CERN
    J.L. Munoz   Graham Daniels    Josep Busom Descarrega 
16:35   GENESIS : a fast neutrons platform   Design and Construction of Imaging beamline  at Nagoya University Neutron Source (NUANS BL2)   DIFFUSION BONDED Be NEUTRON TARGET USING 8MeV PROTON BEAM
    Benjamin Cheymol   Katsuya Hirota   T. Kurihara
17:00   Proton beam multiplexer developments for multi-target operation at the High Brilliance Source HBS   Status report on development of a compact D-D neutron generator and fast neutron detection/imaging capabilities at ETH/PSI   Tuning of target / moderator / reflector unit for optimized instrumentation at compact accelerator driven neutron sources
    Marius Rimmler    Robert Adams   Paul Zakalek
17:25       Magnified imaging by cold neutrons using refractive optics   Real-time neutron beam monitor with single moderator spectrometers
        Y. Iwashita              Roberto Bedogni
Tuesday 09 July 2019        
    Plenary session 2
    Bruxelles room        
09:00   RIKEN Accelerator-driven compact neutron systems
    Yoshié Otake
09:50   Instrumentation on CANS vs other facilities
    Alain Menelle
10:30   POSTER SESSION  1 and coffee break 
    Oslo room        
11:30   Development of a Sealed Lithium Target for Nagoya BNCT System
    Sachiko Yoshihashi
12:00   A 50 kW Liquid-Lithium Target for BNCT and Material-Science Applications
    Ido Silverman
14:00   Nuclear data evaluation of neutron-induced reactions on Pu isotopes   Measurement methods of Single Event Upset cross section depending on neutron energy for diffusion of soft error test using CANS   A proto-type cold neutron source at RANS and applications using it
    Hairui Guo    H. Iwashita   Yutaka Yamagata
14:25   Nucleon Scattering Analysis for Tungsten isotopes by a Regional dispersive optical potential   Hybrid boron-10 gaseous detector for slow and fast neutron simultaneous detection   Deuterated clathrate hydrates for neutron moderation and reflection in future high-flux sources of very cold neutrons
    Weili Sun    Potashev Stanislav   Oliver Zimmer
16:00   e_LiBANS project: thermal and epithermal neutron sources based on a medical-type electron Linac   Fast neutron spectroscopy, Targets and Moderators for Compact Accelerator Neutron Sources   Directional reflection of Cold Neutrons using Nanodiamond Particles for Compact Neutron Sources
    Valeria Monti   Daniel Santos   Mostafa Jamalipour 
16:25   Simulation and Design of electron accelerator-based photoneutron source for BNCT   The research of a Boron-lined Honeycomb Convertor based Neutron Detector   Cryostat for the provision of liquid hydrogen with variable ortho-para-ratio for a low-dimensional cold neutron moderator
    Ruiqin Zhang    Yigang Yang    Sebastian Eisenhut 
16:50   Neutron beam performance of iBNCT as the linac-based neutron source for BNCT in University of Tsukuba   Completion in the ITU-T's standardization of Soft Error Test of network equipment using Compact Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources   Slab geometry type cold neutron moderator development based on neutronic study for Riken Accelerator-driven compact Neutron Source (RANS)
    Hiroaki Kumada   Gentaro Funatsu    Baolong Ma 
17:15       Energy and Flux Measurement of Monochromatic Fast Neutrons with Cs2LiYCl6:Ce (CLYC) Detectors   Neutron Characteristics of Cold Neutron Moderators in the Composition of the Target Station for CNS «DARIA»
         Pilsoo Lee   Nikita Kovalenko 
Wednesday 10 July 2019        
    Plenary session 3
09:00   The High Brilliance Neutron Source (HBS) Project
    Thomas Brückel
09:50   LvB project: progress and early instrumentation concepts
    Ferenc Mezei
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Characterization of Neutron Beam Applications
    H.M. Shimizu
11:30   CANS Projects and Innovative instrumentation
    Ulrich Rücker
12:00   Studies on reflector materials for cold neutrons
    Rolando Granada
14:00   Round Table
    Invited : Ian Swainson (AIEA), Jose-Luis Martinez (ESFRI ), Y. Kiyanagi (Japan case)
    Plenary session 4
15:00   Short-Pulse Laser-Driven Moderated Neutron Source
    Sven C. Vogel
15:25   Photo-neutron production in laser driven proton neutron sources
    Steven Lilley 
16:10   CANS Projects 
    Newly constructed compact accelerator-based neutron facility at AIST
    Koichi Kino
    Neutron-related Activities and Future Plan at KOMAC
    Han-Sung Kim 
    From micro- to macro-sources: The Lund Broad-band Neutron Facility
    Hanno Perrey 
    The Legnaro fast-neutron facility NePIR
    Pierfrancesco Mastinu 
    Russian initiative on compact neutron source DARIA
    Konstantin Pavlov
    The SONATE project , a French CANS for Material Sciences
    Frederic OTT
    UppCANs: Bringing neutrons to the users
    Max Wolff
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